Tuesday 21 August 2012

Candidate - April Again

Single review by KevW

We were talking about genres just the other day. Well these four gentlemen from Brooklyn have decided that their sound should be described as "Dreamrock". We'll give them a D- for effort on that one, but it probably gets a B+ for accuracy. You'll already have an idea of which area of the music stratosphere Candidate inhabit. There are guitars, there's a dash of shoegaze, there are some hazy swooshes in the background. So, as expected, this is a bit like dreampop, only a fraction heavier. In fact in the olden days we'd have probably just called this psych-rock and been done with it, but Candidate want to steer their music into a slightly different plane so we'll allow them the slightly different description.

What's really in their favour is the fact that if a tune is good then who gives a toss what bracket it comes under? 'April Again' sure is good, living up to the promised sound, like a dreampop fruit punch at a kid's party that's secretly been spiked with something a little more intoxicating, it's all the fun it should be with an added edge. Their second album 'Psychic Dissonance From The Unself', which drops on October 15th, doesn't do quite so well in the name game, although we'll reserve judgement until we've heard it. It may sound like the title of an god-awful prog triple album from 1972 and diversification is promised, still, if half the songs are as good as 'April Again' then once again all will be forgiven. In short, this single is a top class piece of psych... uh, sorry, Dreamrock.

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