Friday 3 August 2012

Oren Lyons - Forever Found

Single review by KevW

If you're going to invent a genre to describe your music then you can do a lot worse than come up with "Cosmic Boom". Oren Lyons are a shiny new (they only formed this year) sextet from Silverlake, California, and they're already sounding like a mightily promising proposition. This is their first single and is self-released as a digital download but the word-of-mouth buzz they're creating has got the chequebooks of A&R men twitching, so expect them to be snapped up with a deal before long. Then hopefully we'll be treated to more songs of the calibre of 'Forever Found'.

This is orchestral pop at its finest; warm and dusky vocals combining with the kind of backing that used to be reserved for Portishead's finest moments. The bare bones of the songs are strong enough on their own, but augmented by the droning buzz of strings it reaches new heights. Although winding bass and almost heavenly backing vocals are also thrown into the mix, 'Forever Found' never reaches too far and is never over the top. The orchestration and production are genuinely stirring and they've found the perfect vocalist to create something genuinely impressive. With this song we could be witnessing the birth of an outstanding new band.

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