Monday 13 August 2012

Out This Week - 13th August 1012

Young Romance - Break My Heart By Morning

What's this we keep saying about couples in music? Well we're not sure if duo Claire and Paolo are an "item" or not but they make some great music under the possible give-away name of Young Romance. This is melodic and slightly sentimental indiepop with the ability to change into a rush of uplifting sound at any moment. Grab free single 'Break My Heart By Morning' on Norwegian label Eardrums Pop.

Young Romance's website

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Moon King - Only Child

That lovable mix of indiepop, shoegaze, distorted guitars and dreamy sounds is just refusing to go away at the moment isn't it? So we were delighted to hear that Toronto echo lovers Moon King were releasing their first EP 'Obsession 1' this week, and even more delighted to find that they were giving away the fizzing, punky pop of 'Only Child' as a free download.

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TV Girl - Misery

It's slightly difficult to regard tracks from TV Girl's debut mixtape 'The Wild, The Innocent, The TV Shuffle' as singles as such, because the whole lot is available for free as it is. But since they've just made a brand new video for the vintage, sample-heavy track 'Misery' we thought we'd include it here. It is new after all, but you should download the whole thing really. In fact you should have done already.

TV Girl's website

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Dignan Porch - Picking Up Dust

London guitar-pop band Dignan Porch have been building up quite a fanbase these last few years and by all accounts are a pretty nifty live force. Well their second album 'Nothing Bad Will Ever Happen' is out digitally this week on Captured Tracks with a physical copy in a couple of weeks. They're giving us free single 'Picking Up Dust' which is so laid back it's practically horizontal but still manages a loveable fuzzy jangle.

Dignan Porch's website

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Eli Mardock - Everything Happens For The First Time

Nebraska's Eli Mardock spent much of the last decade building up a steady following as part of alternative rock band Eagle Seagull but has recently decided to brave the perils of the music world as a solo artist. There are a couple of releases available with debut album 'Everything Happens For The First Time' set for release later this year. The title track is a beautiful, sweeping piece of orchestral indie/pop that should set him in good stead for a solo carrer of note.

Eli Mardock's website

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