Saturday 4 August 2012

Band To Check Out: This Mad Desire

Article by KevW

"Sorta like Neil Young on David Bowie drugs". That's the uncannily accurate way Ontario indie-rock collective This Mad Desire introduce themselves. Quite a pair of stately musical behemoths to go around comparing yourselves to, for sure. In fact the only artists who could ever live up to such a billing are probably Bowie and Young themselves. But listening to the scraggy, scruffy and seething songs that make up the substantial body of work these guys have available for our listening pleasure, it makes perfect sense. Even before releasing debut album, 'Deathstyle Celebration' back in 2008, the various members of TMD had gained plenty of experience and no small amount of success in previous bands, and the time since then has been spent sporadically recording demos which make up free download album 'VALHALLA'.

Much like the two heroes they namecheck, TMD don't stick to one particular sound. The fact that they've covered artists as diverse as Bjork, The Velvet Underground, Carly Simon and Black Sabbath is testament to that. And so 'VALHALLA' hops about a bit, from the grungy 'i get it 2' to the gentle strumming of 'Love is a glorious thing'. These home demos are at times so raw and personal that listening to them feels like an intrusion, but the raw materials of this extensive selection of songs could end up forming the basis of another decent garagey guitar album. 'I WANT A LOVER' could be the Pixies trialling an idea for a future single. If a more polished product is what you're after then head back to their debut album, but this bunch of home recordings provide an enticing glimpse of where they're headed next.

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