Wednesday 22 August 2012

Five For Free #107

Liphemra - Young

She's a multi-talented one is Los Angeles resident Liphemra. With total artistic control over her music (she writes, plays, records, produces and mixes virtually everything herself) she's free to do whatever the hell she wants. Excitingly this includes not following any particular styles. So superb free track 'Young' is a hybrid of trip-hop, pop, jazz, rock, rap, electronica and psychedelia. And probably some other stuff too.

Liphemra's website

Superhumanoids - Too Young For Love 

Also basking in the L.A sun are relative pop veterans Superhumanoids who correctly describe their songs as "music to help kiss the doldrums away". Well the lovable alt-pop of 'Too Young For Love' does just that, with skittery electronics and quiveringly shimmery vocals. It's a heady mix of pop fun and makes you wander why they're not superstars as well as being Superhumanoids.

Superhumanoids' website

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Night Sins - The Eternal Giver

It was only last week that we gave you the brilliantly 80s goth of 'Spectral Bliss' from gloomy indie types Night Sins, but it turns out that if you head to their bandcamp page they're giving away another brace of tracks from cheerfully titled album 'New Grave'. It was almost impossible to split them, but we ended up going for 'The Eternal Giver'. Still, why not head over there and get both?

The Night Sins' website

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Sootytern - Get It Sorted

There seems to be a theme with bands from the Cumbria area being wildlife enthusiasts, although pop's most famous ornithologists British Sea Power are from down south. Sootytern (it's an exotic seabird) have an EP out called 'Ornithological Physics' and it involves mandolins and ukuleles and is generally irresistible off-kilter folk, as you can hear for yourselves on free track 'Get It Sorted'.

Sootytern's website

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Egyptian Hip Hop - SYH

It's been a funny old "career" for Manchester slackers Eygptian Hip Hop. First came the meandering instrumental demos, then an actual proper EP that hinted they may have some songs after all, then silence. Until now and new track 'SYH' which sits somewhere in between both previous incarnations. We're none the wiser as to what they're up to but it's a good track that builds into a very good track. So here it is.

Egyptian Hip Hop's website

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