Saturday 18 August 2012

Evokateur - Chime Hours EP

EP review by KevW

Since the likes of La Roux and Little Boots got everyone interested in classy electro-pop again we've been inundated with female fronted bands peddling a similar mix of beats and pop hooks. Really we should have all been going through Ladytron's back catalogue instead as they'd be making a superior form of the genre for years. But still they come, and now and again there's one worth investing your time and money in. London trio Evokateur are one such band. The edgy pop they produce won't blow your brains apart with its originality, but it may impress you with its effortless quality and elegant production. They began to make waves with their 'White Horses' single (included here) and now we get to see what else they're made of.

The pounding and stern 'White Horses' is still a highlight, those cooing vocals neatly counteracting the dark electro that beats away in the background (the splendid Fear Of Tigers remix is also worth a mention). Now though, accompanying tracks such as '1684', 'Post' and 'How Long' have to step up to the plate and prove they're no one trick ponies. All three succeed with no small amount of quality. '1684' is what chart-pop should be (and therefore too good to actually chart), 'Post' has a retro chic that mixes well with those delectable vocals and 'How Long' takes the slow-build approach to make a moving pop song. In an ideal world, we should be hearing a lot more about Evokateur before very long.

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