Tuesday 7 August 2012

Special Feature: 11:11 - Independent Music Promo Makers

Article by KevW

Here at The Sound Of Confusion we often champion independent artists, those who make simply great music that's shunned by the mainstream factions of the industry. Sharing our love for supporting emerging talent and those not conventional/obedient enough to pander to the industry bigwigs are London independent music promo film crew 11:11. Started around six months ago in East Ham, their goal is straightforward. To make music videos for artists they like (they offer their services around to people whose sounds they find interesting) usually for free using basic recording and editing equipment that often mirrors that used by the musicians themselves.

The idea is to be simple but effective, with planning and casting generally being completed within a week and the filming and editing being done on the same day. It's been suggested that a more lengthy production process should take place, but according to 11:11 founder Stan, this goes against the ethos of the project. Plus you have to admit that in a world dominated by glossy SFX-filled, made for MTV garbage, this natural and personal approach is a welcome change, especially when much of the indie world's videos consist of little more than band performances shot from different angles. 11:11 are unlikely to be picking up Oscars, in much the same way that the music we cover is unlikely to be reeling in the Grammys. Yet this method has yielded some great results and perfectly fit the principles of the artists they feature.

11:11's website

For more info or to enquire about a video email elvenpastelven@hotmail.co.uk

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