Monday 6 August 2012

Band To Check Out: Black Paint

Article by KevW

Despite their youth, the three members of London trio Black Paint have experience (not to mention a sound) beyond their years. With an average age of 22 they already have background playing with bands such as Art Brut and Battant, and this prodigious talent is plain to see. The date Black Paint came into being? Last month. To have such an accomplished set of songs put onto tape already is extraordinary. The seeds were sown when Aleblanche and Philip Van Ros met at a psychiatric hospital; one was the intern/student, the other the patient. Evidently something clicked as, now back to full health, the pair kept contact and a couple of years later with the addition of Jake Cox the line-up was complete, as it seems were a handful of songs. We're not talking your bog standard finding-your-feet demos either.

Sound-wise we're talking dark and fervent rock 'n' roll, the kind that shares characteristics with psych and garage bands to The Jesus & Mary Chain and Black Rebel Motorcycle Club. Those bands were partly about style, but the important factor for them all was good tunes (although holes can be picked in the back catalogues of each). Black Paint only have a trio of songs online at the moment, and the standard is high, few holes can be found and the only real criticism could be a lack or originality. But most people in rock 'n' roll bands who aren't Chuck Berry could be accused of the same thing. 'I Killed A Man' and 'Emergency Broadcast' buzz with electrifying guitars, the former's uplifting chorus belying the somewhat sinister lyrics. 'King Nine' is almost anthemic, but in a inherent rather than forced way. With some claiming that guitar music (or at least decent guitar music) is on the ropes, it's encouraging to know that bands like Black Paint are leading the crusade to prove the doubters wrong.

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