Tuesday 28 August 2012

Band To Check Out: Lazyeyes

Article by KevW

As we get sick of mentioning, there are few places with a more vibrant alternative music scene than Brooklyn. If you were a fan of up and coming band The Twees (a slightly misleading name given their more indie-rock sound) then it's bad news. They are no more. It seems difficult to keep a Brooklyn musician down though, and former member Jason Abrishami plunged himself head first into a brand new project called Lazyeyes. They're currently so new (which must make us really cool, right?) that there are only two demo tracks currently online and a facebook page that was set up in May, so exactly what the finished article will sound like might be difficult to predict. So like completely untrained musical sniffer dogs on a quest of discovery we've dived in to see what clues we can pick up from the brace of existing demos.

Well, both 'Weight' and 'Nostalgia' display a fuzzier sound and inhabit that mysterious twilight zone between reality and the dream world. The production is warm and hazy like the accompanying photo, whether this is down to using basic recording equipment or by design we'll find out when they release a single, but whichever, it works. It would be premature to predict the future of the band on these two tunes, but the words dreampop and shoegaze spring readily to mind. Echo and reverb are applied like lipstick on a hooker, almost obscuring the songs behind the sheet of effects. What we can hear from these songs is promising. At this point a little work is needed to avoid them being lumped in with the already saturated lo-fi scene but past endeavours and the tender age of the band suggest this will be part of the plan. Woozy is definitely the word for these demos and they sound great, but a touch of refinement would be a good idea, but just a touch though, they're already pretty charming as they are.

Lazyeye's website

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