Wednesday 22 August 2012

Gallery Circus - In 10

Single review by KevW

Ah, bless. South Tyneside twins Gallery Circus' mum made them wear the jumpers their nan knitted then for Christmas on the cover of their new single. They don't look too impressed by that, but cheer up guys, it's keeping the family happy. Plus the racket you make doesn't lend itself to images of ornate knitwear, so people probably won't judge. With a sound they're calling "anti-garage" (and we're calling "indie-rock") and the alleged ability of Daniel Ross to play guitar and piano at the same time (!) you can't deny that the raw talent here is impressive, but that must surely be put down to the fact that they first began playing in bands aged just five. You'd be hard pushed to believe they sounded anything like this at that point, although their attire may have changed little.

New single 'In 10' sounds like the work of a quartet yet it's believable that it was recorded with less overdubs than you'd expect and the swampy, blues guitar gives gravity to the song and allows the poppy melodies to float on top. Their ear for a melody suggests they could write for any number of landfill indie bands to make a quick buck, but coupled with an understanding of what makes music higher in quality you suspect this will never be the case and there's no reason why this harder sound with more depth can't pick up a decent amount of followers as it is. There's no real 'wow' factor, yet that doesn't really seem to be the point and their hard-edged take on guitar music is perfectly fine left just as it is.

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