Thursday 9 August 2012

Courtship - Hope EP

EP review by KevW

Well this is all very familiar isn't it? Courtship is the work of a bedroom producer from Brooklyn called Patric Fallon who makes dreamy, misty, indie-type electronica. You can barely go online at the moment without tripping over one of these. The fact that this kind of stuff is ten a penny right now could be the reason that this EP (is seven tracks too many to be called an EP?) is being given away as a free download. It's worth pointing out that although if you were to stick a microphone in the sky over Brooklyn at the moment, sounds like this would probably drown out the traffic, Fallon has been painting these soundscapes for a couple of years already. So while he's hardly a pioneer, he's no Johnny-come-lately either. 'Hope' is the first in a trilogy of EPs (to be followed by 'Faith' then 'Grace') and is amiable enough dreampop.

It's most effective when the songs are less abstract and more concise. The meandering 'Handwritten' is essentially one idea stretched out over five minutes, but it's quickly forgotten as it slips into 'My View' which sounds like 80s pop viewed through frosted glass. The upbeat 'The People Around You' takes similar source material and passes it through an almost identical filter, even though it sticks around for a minute or so too long. Both are decent listens, but '[Imageless]', as are most songs whose names appear in brackets of any kind, is best described as [pointless], and the final pair of songs do little to raise the bar again. So 'Hope' is hardly a revelation then, yet their are points that stand out, and maybe if we hadn't reached saturation point with this sort of thing it might excite a little more.

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