Sunday 12 August 2012

Cineplexx - Cosas de la Vida Normal

Single review by KevW

So it says here: "If you're from Argentina, Barcelona or London then you've probably heard of the world-travelling mastermind behind Cineplexx, Sebastian Litmanovic." Having never been to Argentina or Barcelona, and having successfully avoided setting foot anywhere near London for the best part of a decade I'm afraid this chap's passed me by so far. His loss or mine? If we pick the bones out of new single 'Cosas de la Vida Normal', I'll happily concede that my life may have been enriched by hearing his sounds before now. This song is the intro piece to his forthcoming album 'Perfume' which will be released in October. In Mexico. Still, I'm sure we'll be able to get an import or buy the MP3s from somewhere.

'Cosas de la Vida Normal' is too good a track to miss out on, even though we'll have to make do with a stream for now. Litmanovic plucks elements from all over the place on this song. You can hear the quirky ye-ye pop from the 60s, you can hear sunkissed psychedelia, you can hear Stereolab, you can hear dreampop and overall you can hear an elegantly gliding pop track of the kind that not enough people make. It has hooks, it has class, it has rich and exotic instrumentation, it has all the elements that should constitute great pop records. The lyrics aren't in English so British and probably most US radio stations won't touch it with a barge-pole. Add this to the fact that you can't grab a copy in HMV and commercial success looks remote. But if you like it then tell your mates. Let's get those jungle drums pounding because word of mouth can be a powerful thing.

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