Friday 17 August 2012

Voidfolk - Dwell

Album review by KevW

As far an as introduction that ticks all the right boxes goes, try this for size: "We're a female-fronted 4-piece from Toronto. Our influences are many, but include bands like Earth, Portishead, Smog, Neil Young, Joy Division, Leonard Cohen, Sonic Youth and Liars. We play a form of organ-heavy rock music with an emphasis on minor key compositions, slow-burning song structures and heavy use of repetition, though we aren't adverse to conjuring a fast number now and then. Our lyrics cover topics as diverse as apocalypse (both man-made and biblical), werewolves, revolutionaries, kidnapped siblings, and the death of the sun, with something that we hope resembles insight." You don't get that with The Kooks.

So the question is: do Voidfolk live up to such a powerful and descriptive prologue? A glance at the tracklisting (half a dozen songs, two of them over 8 minutes, another couple over 6 minutes) and post-rock fans will begin to foam at the mouth. And, by golly, they're unlikely to be disappointed when they hit the play button either. 'In A Bad Way' feels like being stalked in a immense, pitch-black woodland, not knowing your fate. Frankly, it pisses over most goth bands' attempts to do 'dark' and 'forbidding'. The pained caterwauling vocals enhance the experience and you probably wouldn't want to listen to it in a haunted house. 'Sometime Soon' is lighter, but is still in essence a tormented piece of doom folk.

The lighthearted 'Widow Night' is all bunny rabbits and kittens and candyfloss with the most uplifting pop chorus of the year. Ahem. Well I think the title gives it away really and you know the mood to expect now. What a mood it is too. With so many doom mongers out there these ominous and unsettling sounds are genuinely impressive and stirring. We almost get a bluesy rock song on the charming 'Through The Sick Hot Valley', before black swirls of psychedelic organ take over and suck you into the whirlpool. 'Revolution Man' is like a force of nature and the feeling in that voice is incredible. The slow-burning (with burning being the operative word) 'Sister Of Mine' wraps things up perfectly. No punches are pulled in creating the desired effect here. Perfect for kid's birthday parties everywhere.

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