Saturday 4 August 2012

Whales In Cubicles - Nowhere Flag

Single review by KevW

Credit where it's due, London's Whales In Cubicles did brilliantly to get such deserted shots of the capital for the video to their second single 'Nowhere Flag'. One imagines early summer mornings were required for the filming, and yes the big explosion at the end is all done with computers but it's impressive nonetheless. A great idea well executed. To be fair though, 'Nowhere Flag' isn't the sort of song that requires pyrotechnics and cleverly filmed accompanying footage to enhance its appeal, because this second effort is a big step up from debut 'We Never Win', and that track with B-side 'Across America' weren't exactly substandard nonsense.

It doesn't take a genius to work out what makes 'Nowhere Flag' superior. It's simply a better song: better melody, better production, better chorus, better sound. It's more confident, bigger and chucks in a major hook with some delightful "Oooh ooh ooh oohs". It's a wordless chorus that's barbed so that once it's in your ear it sticks there. They make this sound effortless too, it's not bigger and better thanks to studio trickery, it's bigger and better because the band sound naturally as though they're hitting their stride, and doing so with ease. In the space of two singles, Whales In Cubicles' have gone from being an interesting prospect to an incredibly exciting one.

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