Wednesday 8 August 2012

Band To Check Out: Retraplayer

Article by KevW

As is often the case with new bands, we don't have an overwhelming amount of information to bring you about Retraplayer, but we've sent our sniffer dogs out to search the internet for clues and here's what they've uncovered. New? Well, they haven't put an album out yet but it looks as though the initial seeds of this project were sown back in 2009 by three musicians based in Southampton. Their debut album 'Grand Park Volume 1' (which they describe as an "album/novel" - intriguing) is tentatively scheduled for summer 2012, so we could be hearing much more before too long.

Currently there are a handful of tracks streaming on their soundcloud and facebook pages, although how many of these will feature on the album isn't clear just yet and apparently "the story will begin to unfold in the next few months". Curiouser and curiouser. The summery, dreamy alt-pop of 'Beach Fires' is a cert for inclusion though, and it's a sparkling track with bundles of crossover appeal, so if more of the same is planned then things could be very interesting indeed. Aside from this track, the other recordings are all around a year old, so whether these are a fair representation of where they are now we don't know, but there's a sizeable amount of potential here, so watch this space.

Retraplayer's website

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