Thursday 30 August 2012

The Jim Jones Revue - It's Gotta Be About Me

Single review by KevW

When the 60s beat groups who'd grown up listening to imported vinyl from the great bluesmen took their sound further, it created a very exciting and innovative scene for a while. Unfortunately it got picked up by a nation full of boring pub bands, each of whom had a guitarist who was "incredible, maaan!". Very soon blues became the dullest genre known to man, and despite faithful practitioners existing all along, it wasn't until the year zero inspired by the stripped-back approach of The White Stripes that you could actually feel the power of the genre again without some very careful hunting. The Jim Jones Revue are one of a handful of groups making modern blues exciting, doing so using brute force, raw power, and with a little help from some Little Richard and punk records. Their third album 'The Savage Heart' is scheduled to be giving us a slap round the face on October 15th.

The first track lifted from it is single 'It's Gotta Be About Me' which is so dirty that if the Salvation Army clapped eyes on it they'd probably take it into a refuge for a good wash and a change of clothes. By the time he reaches the age of the 60s blues-rock pioneers, Jim Jones will be lucky to still have any throat remaining with the way these songs are ferociously belted out. You'd expect their rider to consist of as many packets of Strepsils as it does bottles of bourbon. So they haven't mellowed their sound then, and the new album promises more of their high-powered wildman onslaught and will the perfect remedy to sooth the ears should they be subjected to any new compilations of Rod Stewart or Eric Clapton tackling original blues classics in their distinctive sanitised manner. This is how the blues should've turned out.

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