Thursday 16 August 2012

Cloud Seeding - The Light (Feat. Nadine Carina)

Single review by KevW

We all know that if we scrape the chart-shaped layer of scum from the top of the hot tub of pop, the crystal clear, shimmering waters below reveal a veritable banquet of talented artists serving up platters of pristine, exciting, innovative and just plain appetising pop hors d'oeurves that are just begging to tickle our taste buds like a palate-cleansing musical sorbet in between an insubstantial main course of Calvin Harris and a sickly dessert of Maroon 5. Brooklyn musician Kevin Serra has begun a singles only project to showcase the talents of singers he admires and delivers these bite-sized treats under the guise of Cloud Seeding.

'The Light' features Swiss singer Nadine Carina who moved to England to attend Paul McCartney's Liverpool Institute Of Performing Arts, yet this most certainly does not sound like the studied, formulaic pop music often associated with such establishments. 'The Light' is both mischievous and serious at the same time, the clattering drums add a sharp edge that counterbalances the sweet vocals, although the melody itself is somewhat sinister and mysterious, but it sticks to the plan right until the end, never being tempted to veer off course towards more ringtone-friendly hooks. If we can banish that layer of filth once and for all, there's a world of fabulous pop just waiting to be swallowed up by appreciative music lovers everywhere.

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