Friday 24 August 2012

Skye - Featherlight

Single review by KevW

Skye Edwards is of course best known for her time spent fronting Morcheeba. Since her exit from the band nearly a decade ago neither they nor her have achieved the commercial success they flirted with for a few years. Morcheeba's career has steadily slipped from public conciousness, and despite releasing two solo albums, Skye herself has seen her star wane. The assumption is that the output of both stagnated, retrod old ground with diminishing returns and was gradually shunned by a public who'd moved on. That, however, could be completely false. As, personally, I've heard very little of the music created by either in the past decade, until now and this new single from Skye's forthcoming third album 'Back To Now' which is out in October.

The general sound and vibe of 'Featherlight' won't come as much of a shock to anyone familiar with Morcheeba (who Skye is now reunited with). This is no great departure, it is though, surprisingly good. Although described as "trip-hop" throughout her career, the music has always been a very adult, sanitised version. The kind of sounds that the phrase "coffee table music" was coined to describe. 'Featherlight' is a higher tempo than you may expect, but it's hardly directed at the kids and will most likely only sell a modest amount. Yet Skye's sultry tones are in fine fettle here and although you can almost feel polished pine coming out of the speakers it's a pretty decent effort. This is sophisticated pop but with enough of a hook to generate a fairly universal appeal. It looks like we owe Skye an apology for writing her off too soon.

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