Sunday 5 August 2012

Jesca Hoop - Hospital (Win Your Love)

Single review by KevW

People bang on about Madonna reinventing herself and having an ever evolving style, when really all she does is grab whichever current hot producer is passing and hop on the nearest bandwagon. Fellow US songstress Jesca Hoop achieves a similar feat in a far less contrived way, tackling different musical styles as and when she chooses, and always in a unique way, never being a slave to public demand. So recent album 'The House That Jack Built' didn't need flashed nipples and ill timed fake gun action at gigs to drum up press. Miss Hoop is far to classy for that, but there was no getting over the fact that this was about as pop as she'd ever been.

Thankfully it's her own elegant take on pop, not a Marina style Lady Gaga rip off. There's no cashing-in here. New single 'Hospital (Win Your Love)' is all radio-ready hooks and slightly left-field quirkiness that ensures no one can accuse her of pandering to the mainstream. Plus it's sound advice for teenage girls everywhere: if you want to get the boy of your dreams, break your arm.* The sympathy is bound to win him over, easy! Plus if you get rid of your Katy Perry CDs and start to investigate how great modern commercial pop can be by looking into artists of the calibre of Jesca Hoop, he's bound to take you more seriously, and that could seal the deal.

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*Don't really break your arm, that would just be stupid.

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