Saturday 18 August 2012

Five For Free #106

Darlings - Pet The Ghost

And once again we say a big "hello" to Brooklyn and their never-ending reservoir of great alternative bands. 'Pet The Ghost' is the new single from quartet Darlings and there are two ways you can enjoy its buzzy, garagey, melodic powerpop. You can check the link below and buy it on a lovely slab of 7" vinyl, or you can just grab the MP3 right now and turn it up loud.

Darlings' website

Buy the single

Companion - 20th Century Crime

I'll just do a quick scan through the info I have on this next bunch... they're called Companion and they're from... oh, Brooklyn. Pepi Ginsberg has been making music in various bands for some time and this is her latest project, formed just this year. '20th Century Crime' will feature on their debut album (no date given yet) and is pretty, tempo-shifting alt-pop.

Free download: '20th Century Crime'

Companion's website

Buy the single

Starred - No Good

We can just about get a Brooklyn reference in here too. Starred are Matthew Koshak (from LA) and Liza Thorn (from Brooklyn) and the beautiful 'No Good' is a soft acoustic track that comes from the same dreampop treasure chest as bands like Mazzy Star or The Cocteau Twins. It really is swoonsome and fuzzy, a bit like being wrapped up in a big ball of cotton wool.

Free download: 'No Good'

Starred's website

Pre-order the single

The Garlands - Open Arms

That's enough from the US, we'll head over to another of our favourite musical hotspots: Sweden. Later this year very exciting new band The Garlands will be releasing their debut album on Shelflife Records, and if you want to know what to expect then pick up free download 'Open Arms' which will satisfy all your C86/Postcard Records/indiepop needs.

Download 'Open Arms' for free by heading here

The Garlands' website

Kodaline - Pray

We don't feature enough Irish bands, and there's no good reason for that. So let us introduce you to Dublin quartet Kodaline who grew up together in the city and now make stirring and heartfelt (in a good way) alternative rock. Their eponymous debut EP is out on September 9th and will include the superbly brooding 'Pray' which you can grab for free below.

Download 'Pray' for free by heading here

Kodaline's website

Pre-order the EP

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