Thursday 30 August 2012

Chris Warner - Alright!

Single review by KevW

Charity records are rubbish aren't they? Worthy cause and all that, but I'd rather pay double the price of the single NOT to hear the latest piss-weak cover churned out by some X Factor contestant for Children In Need. Last year, Leicester songwriter Chris Warner released an album called 'Devon Lanes & Longboards' which, thanks to the South-West's surfing community, raised a few thousand pounds for cancer research. Great work, and at least they're not all listening to Rootjoose still. 'Temporary Fix' will be Warner's second EP of 2012 and 'Alright!' is the lead single. Rather than bearing any relation to other 'surf' music (the early 60s twangy garage, The Beach Boys summer pop or Jack Fucking Johnson's inhumanely awful gap-year drivel) it's a little ripper of a song.

He's not shy of fuzz, the intro is as buzzing as Bez at a drugs convention. It's both grungy and garagey with distortion applied like pebble-dash on a 70s housing estate. Scrape all this away and there's an cracking, upbeat guitar-pop song buried beneath. It's the type of thing mid-period Supergrass would be proud to knock out and the only thing stopping it having an epic, singalong chorus are the effects, but it's best left that way as a fizzing song deserves an effervescent, discordant production style. Ultimately this riff-fuelled, frayed-around-the-edges punky piece of powerpop is a whole heap of guitar-based fun. Buy this and then go and tell Newton Faulkner to piss off.

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