Friday 10 August 2012

Cave Painting - So Calm

Single review by KevW

Formats, eh? It's so hard to choose what to go for isn't it? (Well I generally go digital to save space and until I buy a mansion this is unlikely to change but you know what I mean.) For fans of multi-formats, all your Christmases have come at once with the latest single from Brighton experimental indie types Cave Painting. New single 'So Calm' is now available gratis to satisfy your digital needs. Prefer the irresistible scent, feel and warming sound of vinyl? Grab the 7" single on September 10th. One version not satisfactory? You'll be wanting to wrap you genre-hopping ears around the remix bundle on September 23rd, and if you're not spoilt/skint enough by then, their debut album 'Votive Life' drops the very next day. Wowsers, that's enough to satisfy even the most hardened of collectors.

Oh yeah, the song. If 'So Calm' is no good then all of the above is essentially irrelevant and will leave someone with a spare room full of unsold goods. Fear not. It's a little beauty, beginning, fittingly, with calm vocals and an exotic rhythm, it then adds some sterling guitar work, kicks in with a beat and some adeptly positioned "oohs" so that you're quickly aware this isn't your standard, disposable indie fodder. There's the fog of dreampop hanging over this and the playful structure is Vampire Weekend had they based their career on shoegaze instead of Graceland. There's enough of a grand sweep about this to give it that extra boost and also enough innovation for the remixers to get their noodling heads around. Get saving those pennies, Cave Painting could be a band worth investing in.

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