Friday 3 August 2012

Poolside - Only Everything

Single review by KevW

We've had summer tunes thrust upon us from all angles of late, and why not? 'Tis that time of year of course. This new single released as a free download or 10" vinyl on Scion A/V is trying to take the proverbial biscuit, or more likely a wafer to go with its ice cream. How's this for a summery checklist: they're called Poolside, the cover of the single shows shimmering azure blue waters, they're from LA and their recently released debut album is called 'Pacific Standard Time', just to drum home the fact that they're basking in the Californian summer. It might as well come with a free sachet of Poolside-branded suntan lotion.

Seasonal vibes aplenty are all over this "daytime disco" tune too. A housey piano line, some meandering disco bass, beats that are so engineered for sunshine that the record would probably refuse to play if the temperature dropped below 20c. It's great though, traditional house mixed with chillout mixed with modern electronica mixed with an actual pop tune. It's clearly on a mission to bring relaxing beach vibes to the world and it manages it without the faintest whiff of cheese. The water on the cover looks inviting enough to dive in to and 'Only Everything' makes the perfect soundtrack. B-side 'Take A Chance' isn't too shabby either. Now where did I put those Bermuda shorts?

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