Wednesday 22 August 2012

Get Well Soon - Roland, I Feel You

Single review by KevW

On September 3rd, German instrumentalist and all-round talented bugger Konstantin Gropper will release his third full album as Get Well Soon, and what better way to launch the campaign than with a Hollywood blockbuster-style video for the album's first single 'Roland, I Feel You'. This really is stunning. Starting with dark scenes from a Western movie with a mysterious, grizzled man and a child setting fire to a doll, we then move on to the death of said child, her apparent resurrection in a strange religious ceremony, marching troops and levitation, murder, dwarves and more strange rituals, giant monsters and a mysterious priest-like figure with magical powers. Naturally our heroine defeats the monster and all ends with... well Christ knows.

There's probably sense to be made of the story somewhere, but we'll leave you to watch it for yourselves and come to whatever conclusions you can draw. Oh, and the tune? Well that's suitably impressive too, as would have to be the case to be accompanied by such ambitious footage. It's cinematic, naturally, and feels more like the work of half an orchestra than a band which it most likely is. These are epic sounds that aim high and hit their target. You can pick out elements of folk, Latin, rock, pop, indie, opera, and alt-country - but all blown off the scale. It really is quite something and our appetite for the album couldn't be higher. If it's a fraction as inventive and formidable as this we could be looking at something huge.

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