Thursday 2 August 2012

Big Tree - Augury

Single review by KevW

When this single hit our inbox, our trend-ometer began to rattle, hiss and give off smoke, such was the Zeitgeist overload given off by Big Tree's new single 'Augury'. With the overheating fad-measurer safely unplugged and being given an MOT by our engineers, let's look at the evidence ourselves. Big Tree are from California but were formed in Brooklyn (making the journey in a vegetable oil powered van, of course). Naturally they've recorded a couple of Daytrotter sessions, and their album 'This New Year' takes in mystical musings on the universe to the sound of harmonious singing and a semi-acoustic vibe. You can practically smell the joss sticks and get a sudden urge to take up yoga.

Joking aside though, 'Augury' may be the kind of thing that half of the modern hippy-type bands in America are churning out at the moment, but this is really quite a sweet song and not as airy-fairy as you might expect. The twin female vocals have some force behind them and there's more substance to this song than all of the bandwagon-jumpers put together. Boosted by a rumbling bass and thudding drums, it's not short on impact either. The Easter Island featuring video feels a little like a Pagan ritual but this is one cult you wouldn't mind joining. We'll make sure the trend-ometer listens to the song before making its mind up next time.

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