Thursday 2 August 2012

PolarTape - Airwave Station

Single review by KevW

As dubstep and its bass-heavy variants continue to infiltrate the mainstream and the charts are peppered with pop stars getting identikit low-end makeovers to milk the subwoofer cash-cow for all it's worth, what was formerly known as dance music (it's called EDM now don't cha know) has been going through a funny old phase. Electronic music is positively thriving thanks to the accessibility of the software and hardware needed to create it, but on the whole this seems to be a movement towards experimentalism rather than songs you can actually move to. The other major success in this area has of course been chillwave, and that's hardly aimed at the clubs.

French artist PolarTape has taken a step back from all of this on new track 'Airwave Station', a tune that sounds modern yet realistically could be left over from the late 90's. The chillwave brigade will be happy enough with the relaxed vibes and easy to listen to nature, but the beats, although hardly pounding, also cross into actual dance music territory. It's repetitive enough to lend itself to both partying and the post-match comedown, neatly capturing that surreal twilight feeling as well. From what we can tell PolarTape is a brand new project with this solitary song online. It could be that he/she/they have found a handy little niche for themselves.

PolarTape's website

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