Thursday 2 August 2012

Race Horses - My Year Abroad

Single review by KevW

There's something of a snowball effect happening with Welsh indie popsters Race Horses. Debut album 'Goodbye Falkenburg' was well received and followed a similar slightly bonkers line to their forefathers Gorky's Zygotic Mynci and Super Furry Animals (who they must be sick of being compared to). They wrote jovial songs about cake, ponies and Benidorm, and gradually won hearts thanks to their non-conformist music and enthusiastic live performances. Second album 'Furniture' is due to be with us on September 10th and the album's fist single 'Mates' suggested we were in for more of the same, only this time they'd make a bigger splash thanks to their swelling fanbase.

So along comes the LP's second offering 'My Year Abroad' which could well see their popularity increase further, and quash any remarks about a juvenile or novelty aspect to their music. This single is a psych-pop treat that doesn't ask to be taken any more seriously, but it definitely will be. The quirkiness is still there but the song feels more grown-up and bigger all round. It's as if they've teamed up with The Horrors and tried to cram the aspects that have made both bands popular into a handy pocket-sized package. It's catchy as always, fun as always, yet here it feels like Race Horses mean business a little more than before, and 'My Year Abroad' should see their star rise further still.

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