Wednesday 5 June 2013

Let's Away - Suitably Loose/You & I

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This double A-side single marks a welcome return for Sunderland pair Let's Away who we haven't heard from since last summer. 'Suitably Loose' and 'You & I' will be the duo's (they have extra members for live performances, often padding out to a quintet) first official single and finds them on good form. Both tracks here are strong, but you can see why 'Suitably Loose' has been put first; it's the more upbeat of the two and probably the most likely to snag a few spins on some of the alternative radio stations. The sound is somewhere between alt-rock, indie and modern folk, although we'll play down the folk aspect as this is really just a subtle background taste.

It's also the most immediate of the two and took precisely two listens before its class shone through; both the song and the production are absolutely spot on and create a quite dramatic mood towards the end. It's not all about that song though, and 'You & I' is also a corker, even if it displays it in a different way. It's a perfect match for 'Suitably Loose' as the sound and production make them feel like a matching pair, despite the clear change in tempo and mood. In its own way 'You & I' is just as good and creates an atmosphere in a masterful way, even if it may take a couple of extra listens to embed itself into your consciousness.

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