Friday 28 June 2013

Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles - Follow

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The very name of the band suggests literate types and those who are likely to make music of a fantastical nature. This song isn't as dark as the Sherlock Holmes referencing band name, but it is as intriguing as the name of the album it's taken from. Arthur Rigby and the Baskervylles are a band from Leeds who make startlingly ambitious orchestral pop/indie that's a little bit like a less smug Divine Comedy with the throwaway humour removed. 'Follow' is taken from their current EP 'Tales From Pegasus Wood', an EP title that suggests more of the same could be in store, and as this tale is so grand and majestic then we must assume at least some of the others are too.

Unusual percussion, brass sections (lots of brass sections) and a cacophony of other instrumentation including strings and God knows what else all make 'Follow' an amazing listening experience. It's cinematic, it's contagious, it's articulate and the lyrics are wonderful. It helps that the vocals are very strong and very clearly British, because this is a very British sounding record. It conjures up all kind of images, many of them traditional scenes; however unique and impressive it's not cutting edge by any means. Having not only the vision to construct such a song but the balls to carry it out deserves to be applauded in its own right; the fact that it's done to such a brilliant standard is an added bonus.

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