Monday 24 June 2013

TIDEUP - In Curses You Came

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TIDEUP is a lo-fi experimental pop band based out of Orlando, FL. The duo consisting of Ben Guzman (instrumentals) and Noelle Indovino (vocals) create a habitat of underwater dreams with melodic synths and crisp vocal leads. The landscape of TIDEUP came about from Guzman’s bedroom-recorded tracks. He moved from Milwaukee, WI to Orlando, FL in 2009, longing for a change of scenery. As a musician for most of his life, creating new and inviting sounds has been a quest of trial and error, though never in vain. He began posting Craigslist ads looking for a female singer after being inspired from the track 'Dove by The Dirty Projectors. After two years of searching and almost giving up on the idea, Noelle Indovino responded to one of his ads in December of 2011. Their shared desire to create an electro experimental band kept the two working towards TIDEUP. With a background in musical theatre, Indovino brings smooth, clean vocals that enhance the more electro instrumentals.

The first thing that caught my attention when listening to 'Walk', the intro track to 'In Curses You Came' were Indovino's dreamy vocals. I was quickly hypnotised and transported back to an early 1990s Cocteau Twins vibe with the lush instrumentals replaced by the slowed down minimalist instrumentals and the haunting refrain of "Let me go". The electronic effects are amped up a bit in 'Beaches' with the introduction of a wonderful harmony which leads nicely into 'Drifting In Sunrise' the shortest song on the EP where there is a change of style in Indovino's voice, with a more jazzy feel reminiscent of Sia or even a touch of Florence Welch. Title track In 'Curses You Came' rounds out the EP nicely with the sounds of a gentle stream in the introduction flowing back into those dreamy vocals which draw you into the song before the the running water washes the EP away. 'In Curses You Came' is certainly not an EP to throw into your party mix, but is perfect for when you want to wind down and get lost in what you're listening to.

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