Tuesday 18 June 2013

Artist To Check Out: Lozk

Article by bloopie@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

Leonardo Suarez Jimenez, otherwise known as Lozk, is a Colombian artist working in Bogota and London. He creates his music using synthesized sounds, live instruments and samples he records from everyday objects, then blends them into a mixed bag of experimental electronica with touches of ambient and industrial. His debut album 'Irrational' was recently released through Zube Records and the thing about it that initially drew my eyes was the intriguing album cover. It doesn't look like an ordinary cover for a music album. In fact I was hit with nostalgia for a moment as it reminded me of an alien race from a '90s computer game called 'Star Control'. They, of course, were evil and desired to rule the universe. I get a similar vibe from Lozk's music; it's eerie, spacey and extrinsic.

The two tracks that came in the promotional email were 'Mun Aut' and 'Twilight Run', though after watching the clip for the latter I found myself snooping around on Vimeo to see more of Lozk's interesting work. I wasn't disappointed. It turns out that he's got a method of hybridizing audio and visuals to create a unique ocular experience to match his music. It's a spectacle of colours and shapes that he combines with his artful electronic soundscapes to really set the mood, and he does this live, too. 'Mun Aut' is a versatile, richly layered work of electronica that feels influenced by old-school powerhouse groups like Tangerine Dream and Brian Eno. The vibe is otherworldly and full of character, eccentric even. I found 'Twilight Run' to be even more engrossing. A piano stands as the focal point of the track, with various electronic elements and samples chiming in and out to create a deep, absorbing world that sounds futuristic and enigmatic, ancient but new. I'm really impressed with what I've heard (and seen) from Lozk's first project and I get the feeling he could make a name for himself in this scene through the exceptional artistic package he offers.

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