Saturday 29 June 2013

Pixies - Bagboy

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Relations amongst the various members of Pixies have been up and down ever since they first split twenty years ago to prevent themselves from killing each other, such were the level of inter-band tensions. However, the unlikely happened in 2004 and the band reformed and toured extensively. At that point they also released a solitary single, 'Bam Thwok', which may have got fans hoping for a new album, but it wasn't to be. Since then, both Frank Black and Kim Deal's other band, The Breeders, have released albums, but new material from Pixies seemed increasingly unlikely, especially when it was announced earlier this month that Kim Deal had left the band, leaving the trio of Black, Lovering and Santiago.

So it was a huge surprise yesterday when a brand new Pixies track appeared online as a free download. 'Bagboy' is a new recording, and what's more, you can hear the vocals of what sounds like Kim Deal featured on the song. Maybe they'd recorded new material before she left? It soon transpired that it wasn't Deal at all, it was in fact (apparently) Jeremy Dubbs from The Bunnies doing a very good impression. 'Bagboy' sounds like classic Pixies though, and proves that they still have it in them to recreate that magic; this could have slotted nicely into their back-catalog and contains some of their ace trademark guitar sound. Fans don't need a review, they will have made up their minds already, and we're expecting the reaction to be positive, especially given recent events. Just maybe the band can carry on without Deal, and just maybe they have more songs lined up and ready to go. Could we get that long-awaited reunion album after all? Is this proof that it will be worth doing after all? At the moment the situation remains clear as mud. The silver lining is that we've got a top new song from the alt-rock legends.

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