Saturday 29 June 2013

Snakadaktal - Ghost

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If you're not yet up to speed on Melbourne band Snakadaktal then you should skip back and check out our initial feature on them from January which included their debut UK release, a double A-side single of 'Dance Bear' and 'Air', as well as a free download of 'Chimera'. So there's plenty to get acquainted with, and if you like what you hear then there's good news on the horizon. The band will be releasing their debut album 'Sleep In The Water' on August 2nd, and there will be a couple of singles in the lead-up to the main event, staring with this slower, more atmospheric piece called 'Ghost'.

The band label themselves as "dreampop" and the music they make is a form of dreampop, but a little different from the norm. Instead of crossbreeding their music with shoegaze as most dreampop bands do, Snakadaktal mix theirs in with a sound that's closer to trip-hop. Certainly 'Ghost' shows this sound of well, and it also shows that they have diversity; it's not just another version of what we've heard before from them. The production is immaculate, although not to the point that it detracts from the song, it more a case of getting each note just right to create the desired effect, and this they do. With a name like 'Ghost' you'd expect a haunting sound, and that's exactly what we get. Expect more from them on these pages soon.

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