Sunday 23 June 2013

Young Knives - Maureen

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Oxford's Young Knives could be considered one of the great survivors of the indie/guitar explosion that occurred in the mid-00s. Naturally Arctic Monkeys are the biggest of the lot, having made the transition from indie band to stadium rock titans, but many others of that generation have either fallen by the wayside (frankly this is too many to list) or have seen their popularity wane (Maximo Park, The Futureheads, the ongoing saga that is Bloc Party). Young Knives never launched an assault on the top ten singles market, but they hung around in the background, quietly making sharp, jerky guitar-pop and looking like they should be friends with Moss from The IT Crowd.

They were never as big as those other bands, but here they are making quality music still, while so many contemporaries are floundering. 'Maureen' is the current single from their new EP 'Oh Happiness' which is out on Monday and it's not a repeat of their previous singles, but nor is it a wild deviation. This is a very good song that's been very well put together. 'Maureen' is a track that has depth and melody that gradually worm their way into your head, sounding better every time. We hope that Young Knives don't jack it in, they're too good; they didn't just have one idea, they've got plenty. So when guitars are back in vogue again these guys could have the cult status that will give them that deserved success after all.

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Oh Happiness launch party @ Buffalo bar, London
Wednesday, June 26, 2013 at 7:00pm Islington

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