Saturday 29 June 2013

Fist City - Boring Kids

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Initially released in December, Alberta band Fist City will give their oddly-named album 'It's 1983 Grow Up!' a full UK release this week and they've sent over this fab video for single 'Boring Kids', so we thought it would be rude not to share it with you. Amongst the savoury delights included in the film are what look like Pagan rituals, devil worship, spells being cast and possible demonic possession. So perfect Saturday viewing for all the family then. In all honesty, although it's dark and contains a lot of fire, the video is so fast-paced its difficult to get to grips with exactly what's going on, but you do get the general idea.

'Boring Kids' also happens to be a pretty darn fine tune. Take your pick from these: punk, noise-rock, lo-fi, garage, psycho-surf, satanic-rockabilly - or alternatively just use them all. They all fit the style of the song; short and uh, the opposite of sweet at under two-and-a-half minutes. For something which could be described as so sinister it's a surprisingly light listen; the production isn't sludgy like you may expect, and they even manage to make the song sparkle just a touch, plus it's quite a melodic track. So if you don't want to risk summoning any nasty spirits from the pits of hell, just listen to the tune on its own and you should find it to be a thrilling, DIY rock 'n' roll riot.

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