Sunday 30 June 2013

Letters To Fiesta - Vampires

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Earlier this year we were singing the praises of Manchester alt-pop group Letters To Fiesta for making actual pop music that wasn't horribly tedious and predictable like so much that gets unwittingly funnelled down our ears. That was their recent single, the very fine 'Mesosphere' which came backed by another decent tune in 'Statuettes', proving they were no one-song-wonder. In case you still weren't sure, they'd like to back this up further by putting out another single. It's called 'Vampires' and it continues where they left off with their previous offering.

Which means, of course, that this is another instantly likable alt-pop song that's free from cliches and has had thought put into the actual song instead of just getting any old tripe and plastering it in the latest production fad. We'll stand by comparisons we made to Nikki & The Dove, Lykki Li and Kate Bush, so if you missed them before then you'll know by now that they're female fronted. They deserve extra kudos for not jumping on the whole spook-pop bandwagon that's currently rolling through musicsville. 'Vampire' by name maybe, but this isn't some ghostly-sounding piece that's doing its best to attract the Twilight crowd. Much like what we hard before, this is quality pop, and we only wish there was more of it around.

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