Saturday 22 June 2013

Men's Adventures - B.B Vulture

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You probably wouldn't guess that this duo are from London. By their own admission they take inspiration from country, surf, psychedelia and other forms of US-derived music. I think it's safe to label new single 'B.B. Vulture' as alt-country. The track is taken from Men's Adventures' new EP 'Solitary Trip' which is out on June 24th and we're expecting to include a blend of the genres mentioned, along with their own take on these musical forms; they've certainly taken alt-country in a different direction with this track, although it's not exactly a wild deviation. The main point of note is how much more interesting and less noble it is than many bands who venture into the genre.

This isn't a comical or humerous song, but there is a certain lightheartedness to it. The spoken-word intro for starters. That's not a cockney accent there. Following a "take it away boys" the familiar rhythm of up-tempo country music joins in with plenty of twanging surf guitars and an eerie tone in general. The chorus is big, partly thanks to the booming male backing vocals. This wouldn't sound out of place at a dramatic point in a Western movie, but then that's probably the whole point. The world of alt-country can be hit and miss, but it's bands like Men's Adventures that breathe life into it and prevent stagnation and an over earnest sound. A top tune.

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