Monday 24 June 2013

TRUS! - First Stop

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You can talk about experimental or alternative rock bands all you like (and we should know, because we do), but often groups such as these are only really alternative due to the fact that they shun the mainstream and opt for a less commercial or traditional sound. We weren't expecting to find one of the most genuinely experimental rock bands we've heard all year hiding away in Slovenia, but we have. They're called TRUS! and they're both innovative, bonkers and very good. This trio have recently released their debut album 'First Stop' for free download via Bandcamp, and we'll try our hardest to describe some of their changeable and inventive music to you here, knowing full well that you've probably just hit "play" at the bottom and possibly just casually skim the boring written part.

There are only eight songs here, and they range in length from under three minutes to over seven. Here's our best effort at a step-by-step guide. 'Come On': this song has a weird rhythm that doesn't flow smoothly, it jumps about in an odd time signature and the vocals do similar, recalling some of The Beta Band's odder vocal sections. The instruments aren't used in the regular fashion, they crunch and skip and everything seems out of time yet works brilliantly. 'Blue': with post-punk bass and drums that follow suit, this song is comparatively normal, although it still has odd sound effects and is anything but a regular song. Bonus point are awarded for using a saxophone and not ruining things, improving them with a jazzy edge instead. It's a lively one. 'Whale Song': this is like Animal Collective on less fantastical drugs. More weird sounds, screaming vocals, fervent guitar and never sitting in one place too long.

By now we know that TRUS! have ideas coming out of their ears. 'Calling For Reason': this introduces male vocals into the mix of random electronic squelches and stop/start lyrics, again with shifting tempos and rhythms. 'Askew': this is an ambient song made from bleeps and bloops that brings a welcome bit of respite from the brain-muddling sounds that have gone before. 'Song From Jupiter': back with a bang and some superb drumming and treated vocals that hark back to Gang Of Four with more effects pedals and a little more insanity. A definite highlight. 'Tenderness': a lovely ambient song that sounds like it could be from a rather beautiful sci-fi film. It's otherworldly and sparkly and has a great build-up. 'Effect Of The First Step': a seven-minute epic that starts with unusual sound effects and cackling laughter. Lyrics gradually appear in the plodding beat and then squalls of guitar with jazzy flourishes. That's the lowdown, now take a listen.

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Catch them live:

FRI 05 JUL Krawal, ┼ŻELEZNIKI 2013
Skofja Loka, Slovenia
THU 18 JUL Unknown venue
Se┼żana, Slovenia
THU 25 JUL Bar Bikofe
Ljubljana, Slovenia
Velenje, Slovenia
THU 19 SEP Metelkova
Ljubljana, Slovenia

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