Sunday 23 June 2013

Band To Check Out: Kobadelta

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Kobadelta come as no surprise at all. But what a pleasant no surprise they are! Why the lack of surprise? Well, firstly they're making psychedelic rock and have supported bands like Temples, and half the decent new bands in the UK are making psych-rock and have supported Temples. Secondly, ah yes, the UK. Or to be more specific, the north east of the UK. Newcastle to be precise. Now we won't get into debates about Newcastle, Sunderland, Teesside and which is best or any of that nonsense. You can all just bloody get along, yeah? Good. I've lost count of how many great new acts we've found in that area of the country over the last couple of years. So essentially, Kobadelta are stereotypical of the bands we've been writing about, but don't forget that we only really write about bands we like.

They may have the current buzz genre and are from what should be the current buzz area (it is on here, whether NME ever get north of Birmingham is doubtful), but they have some good tunes to back the whole thing up. It's a deep and bluesy psych-rock that these five guys make. They've been around for a couple of years and a few older recordings are knocking about, but we'll concentrate on the new stuff. Take 'When It Rains It Pours'; the vocals are almost monotone for the verse, giving an ominous feel, not unlike early metal bands, but the hypnotic groove they lock into is far removed from that genre and they add more colour to the chorus. They sound confident and the songs sound big with some nifty guitar breaks. Another newie is 'The Tapestry' which has a spooky air about it yet is lighter in tone, shunning that metal and veering closer to classic power bands and the heavy-psych pioneers. It's no great surprise that the current darlings of the UK psych scene were happy to share a stage with this lot.

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