Wednesday 19 June 2013

Jack Deezl - ...Since We Last Spoke

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On first impressions, it seemed odd that Philadelphia musician Jack Deezl has built up such a following before he's even put out a debut album. But then, as anyone who's ever checked their spam folder will tell you, you can buy Facebook "likes", YouTube plays, Twitter followers... anything you want to make yourself appear more popular. We're convinced that Deezl has used none of these tactics to build up the fanbase he has. For a start, he's not new on the scene, he's been making music for a few years, quite a lot of it. And the music that he does make touches bases on just about everything.

So whatever your taste, Jack Deezl will have some sounds you'll like, in this instance he's put a whole bunch of them into a single song from his forthcoming 'Disillusion' album, out on July 30th. '...Since We Last Spoke' starts out as though it's going to be an indie/electronica track, or maybe even post-rock, with ringing guitars and an electronic hum. There's a hint of math-rock creeping in too and various ambient sounds. Then a big boom and a break, like the middle of a club anthem, waiting to explode again. Then the big change occurs. The guitars switch to hard-rock mode, the beats are huge and the bass is deep; it's like a totally different song. Then we switch to a big drum and bass ending that Pendulum would be proud of. This is a man with plenty of ideas, quite what to make of them all thrown together like this we're not really sure!

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  1. Jack deezl has accomplished so much since I met him two years ago. I was blown away by his live sets. he was making music that no one else was making. some one would ask "who is this?" "it's mutha fucking jack deezl!"
    he was also very accessible, always willing to chill and chat with people at shows.
    check out his live set in philly from may 18th

  2. jack deezl makes women moist with his MASSIVE beats. i'm not a girl but i've witnessed this and its a sight for sore eyes. i dare you all to follow this guys career and in LESS THAN 2 years he is going to be playing all around the country, or even the world. drew you're doin it right, keep it up mayn.