Wednesday 26 June 2013

Five For Free #193

Me And Jane Doe - Hit Them Where It Hurts

Following 'We'll Sway And Call It Dancing' which we gave away last month, we still can't think of a better way of describing Austrians Me And Jane Doe than their own words: "Vienna-based queer-feminist electronic/trip-hop/new-wave kind of band." The multi-faceted group (a techno DJ, a burlesque dancer, an illustrator and a punk) have another corker in 'Hit Them Where It Hurts'.

Me And Jane Doe's website

Chad & The Meatbodies - Mountain

We've been doing our best to keep up with the superb LAMC 7" single and free download series, but they're putting out so much stuff that we can't help but fall behind. Check out this awesome garage track by LA band Chad & The Meatbodies. It's called 'Mountain' and shows their love of '60s garage bands, proto-punk and early metal groups.

Chad & The Meatbodies' website

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Ty Segall - Music for a Film 1

Barely a day goes by without some form of new music from the most prolific man in music, TY Segall, and it's him who shares the slab of vinyl with Chad & The Meatbodies. 'Music For A Film 1' is a bit different to his other work though, it's an instrumental and steers away from his usual lo-fi garage sound to something that is, as suggested, perhaps better suited to a soundtrack.

Ty Segall's website

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Mercucio - El Dorado

Australia may be noted in the UK for its current psych scene, but lets not forget that before that they were supplying us with some great alt-pop tunes from the likes of Gypsy & The Cat and Empire Of The Sun. Mercucio are a duo from Melbourne who are in a similar vein and they're brand new. So get your hands on free offering 'El Dorado' from forthcoming EP 'Jeden'.

Mercucio's website

Catch them live:

Mercucio at Revolver! Tuesday, July 9 at 7:00pm
Prahran, Victoria, Australia

Venera 4 - Haunted Summer

A great big slab of psychedelic shoegaze from French band Venera 4 to finish. They do space-rock and drones too, and 'Haunted Summer' has a bit of everything in its nine-minute duration. The track is taken from an EP that was supposedly planned for May but appears to be delayed. Fear not, just head to their website for more mind-expanding sounds.

Venera 4's website

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