Wednesday 5 June 2013

Gypsy & The Cat - It's A Fine Line

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Back in 2010 there was a line of thinking that Australian duo Gypsy & The Cat could be the next indie/pop crossover act. Their debut album 'Gilgamesh' sold well and 'Time To Wander' was even awarded Obligatory Record Of The Week on our radio show. Then they just seemed to vanish off the radar, perhaps having their thunder stolen by Empire Of The Sun. Oddly, the new Empire Of The Sun album hasn't picked up nearly as much coverage as the first, and sadly the same is true of Gypsy & The Cat. After their debut was released on Sony, follow-up 'The Late Blue' was released independently late last year to little fanfare, at least in the UK.

Does it deserve better? Did the band only have enough decent material to scrape together a single album? Well, like most of the country, we haven't heard 'The Late Blue', but if we examine new single 'It's A Fine Line' we find a perfectly good indie/pop track that certainly doesn't deserve to be buried as it has. As a rule, an album's strongest track is released around the same time as the album (either shortly before or after) and given that over half a year has passed we can probably assume they have better on the record than this song. Which makes the lack of press all the more baffling. 'It's A Fine Line' is befitting of radio play and media coverage and why it's had so little is a bit of a mystery. We still believe.

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June 21 Hi Fi Bar – Melbourne
June 26 Oxford Art Factory – Sydney
June 27 Adelaide Uni Bar – Adelaide
June 28 Bakery – Perth

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