Tuesday 25 June 2013

Helmet Compass - Beautiful High

EP review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

It's all been about current Zeitgeists on here of late. If you've been failing to keep up at the back, then we should give you a quick reminder that Denmark has suddenly decided it's going to spew forth a slew of decent bands at the moment. And if you want to ride any current musical trends then psychedelia's probably as good a bet as any. We typically couldn't care less about trends, we'll take decent music any day, but when the two go hand-in-hand then it's a bonus. So here are Helmet Compass, a three-piece psych-pop group from Copenhagen. They've put out a sizable number of singles and EPs in their two-year existence, the most recent of which being this one: 'Beautiful High'.

It's unlikely to change your life or anything, but there are some good sounds here. The minimalist psych of 'Come Pick Me Up' is pretty good, and they've constructed it from little more than some distant twangy guitar and percussion, and then thrown vocals over the top. Mind you, the chorus is enriched by more lush sounds. 'Simone' is closer to jangly indie and is a nice track that's again kept reasonably minimal. There is a sense that it doesn't quite fulfill its potential though. 'Simone' isn't the only girl these three guys are interested in. 'Mary Anna' is delivered in a lo-fi manner that a bit like a more psychedelic Pavement. Sprawling closer 'You Can't Stop Me When I'm High' is a weird one; Byrds guitars are joined by a pounding beat and suffling percussion with occasional bursts of electronic sound. Helmet Compass have good ideas, but you suspect the best may be yet to come.

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