Friday 28 June 2013

MYPET - Gloria

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Not a cover or in anyway connected to the R&B standard of the same name, this 'Gloria' is the work of US electro-pop duo MYPET. Perhaps they've added forming a synth-pop/dreampop/electro-pop duo to the American national curriculum recently, it almost seems like a rite of passage at the moment. Why then, are we bothering to write about this particular duo when we hear from so many (too many to possibly fit on the site without the whole internet buckling under the weight of the whole thing, leading to catastrophic results for government spying operations that rely on the web in countries throughout the world)? Well that's easy to answer: because we like it.

There is a heck of a lot of this stuff doing the rounds and we've had to reinforce our inbox with an extra three foot layer of hardened steel to cope with it all, but MYPET have a catchy tune in 'Gloria', a song from their current EP 'Reflex'. Along with the melodies and the electronics is a more interesting beat than many can muster, and the hypnotic refrain of "attention Gloria" gets under your skin in a good way. There's the merest hint of an exotic side to their sound too, which may make for a more diverse future direction and does make them stand out that bit more. This is one pair who may well go the course.

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Thursday July 18, 8:00pm Trinity Centre (Dalston), London, UK
Tuesday July 30, 7:30pm Sebright Arms London, UK
Saturday Aug 10, 8:00pm in UTC+02 Sala Razzmatazz Barcelo

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