Tuesday 18 June 2013

Vacation - Pyro Hippes

Single review by kev@thesoundofconfusion.co.uk

At the start of the month we brought you the title-track from the new album by Cincinnati trio (and general pain in the arse when it comes to Googling) Vacation. From today the album, 'Candy Waves', is available to buy. If you've heard the raucous fuzz-rock of the previous single and want to sample what else they have in store before you invest in the album then there's good news. New single 'Pyro Hippies' is currently available as a free download from Amazon (see the link below) so you can give that a few spins and check out samples from the other tunes while you're at it. If you liked 'Candy Waves' we don't think you'll be disappointed.

'Pyro Hippies' is similar in style, but if anything it takes them up a level. It's a little fireball of a song, with plenty of scuzzy sounds and guitars that are caressed in the same way that Ron 'Chopper' Harris (ask your Dad) caressed a football when tackling another player: i.e. ignore the ball and just plough straight into the man instead. They're making a racket alright, but it's a melodic and pleasing one, not tuneless drivel. 'Pyro Hippies' is a pop-sheep in noise-wolf's clothing, so grab it for free and turn it up. I think that's probably the advice you'd get from the band, and we can only agree.

Download 'Pyro Hippies' for free by heading here

Vacation's website

Buy the album

Catch them live:

6/18 - Portland, Maine @ 442 St. John Street w/ TBA
6/19 - Quebec City @Le Cercle w/ TBA
6/20 - Montreal @Rats 9 w/ TBA
6/23 - Toronto @ The Silver Dollar Room w/ Nude Beach

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