Saturday 29 June 2013

Drenge - Backwaters

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As we previously mentioned, we weren't quite sure what all the fuss was about when it came to Sheffield brothers Drenge, but judging a band by the first couple of songs that appear online is far from a fail-safe way of sizing up a band. Your best bet is to wait for the proper singles or an album, that way you're hearing the sound the band are happy with (in most cases at least). Now converted, we're happy to say that Drenge do have something a bit special about them. Not life-changing, but without a doubt worth a bit of your precious ear time. Their album should be out in August, and 'Backwaters' is the latest single.

In style it's a punky track and also one that fits in with the darker side of things that many alternative guitar bands are delving in to. 'Backwaters' has elements of psych and garage too, both very much in vogue again at the moment, so the hype is to be expected: just about every box is ticked. The only thing we're yet to hear (from just a handful of tunes mind) is a stone-cold classic that will make sure they leave a dent and aren't simply a passing fad that will be forgotten about should they decide not to make another album. We hope the pair go on to make many more records, as there is something about them and the more they produce the higher the chances of such songs arising becomes. For now, they're a decent new band.

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Catch them live:

5 – Hop Farm Festival,   Paddock Woods
6 – Blissfields Festival,  Winchester
6 – Hyde Park,  London w the Rolling Stones
20 – Latitude Festival,  Southwold
21 – Longitude Festival,  Dublin
28 – Kendal Calling,  Kendal
3 – Y Not Festival,  Pikehall
18 – Beacons Festival,  Skipton
6 – Bestival, Isle of Wight

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