Thursday 20 June 2013

Fascinator - Upstream

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The mysterious producer/musician Fascinator is known for his baffling and bonkers videos, and they're not the type of crap "comedy" videos that other bands come out with either. A couple of recent examples include this surreal piece that was made for his song 'Sexual Mystery', and also this psychedelic (ish) effort for 'Mr Caterpillar' from the same EP. These visuals haven't come at the expense of the music by any means, both are fine tunes. It's great to get a whole artistic package though, however bizarre it is (in fact, the more bizarre the better as far as we're concerned). So we weren't surprised to find that the promo for 'Upstream' off his new EP 'Earth' follows in this tradition.

We'll keep quiet about that so you can watch and see what you think. The EP, incidentally, is out this week. Really we should talk about the music, and as before, 'Upstream' doesn't let us down. It's a weird and wonderful psychedelic alt-pop song that's loaded with strange sound effects, interesting percussion, original production and is generally a top tune all round. Regardless of videos, Fascinator is making some genuinely interesting and accessible music that deserves a million times more attention that it gets. So we should all do him a favour and spread the word of his wonderful films and innovative sounds as far as we can.

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