Saturday 22 June 2013

The Proper Ornaments - Waiting For The Summer

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We're sure to be treated to plenty of songs that mention the supposed delights of the current season. We've had plenty already. This one though, by The Proper Ornaments, a London group who include Veronica Falls' James Hoare amongst their ranks, have decided to coincide this particular track's release with the summer solstice. And what better time: the brightest, sunniest day of the year, right in the middle of "flaming June". Only from where I'm standing it's been grey and fairly miserable. So perhaps 'Waiting For The Summer' has unwittingly turned out to be the perfect title after all.

This is the latest single from the band's forthcoming debut album which has been produced by Charlie March (who has a name more befitting of this weather) from the band Nzca Lines. 'Waiting For The Summer' is a classic-sounding lo-fi indie tune that will tick all the right boxes for people who like their sounds to be of that persuasion. A touch of C86, a bit of a demo-like sound and fitting in nicely with the prospering lo-fi scene that just won't go away at the moment. It's a deceivingly simple track; there's really not much here besides a crude beat, some meandering guitar and a melody that could be borrowed from a Gorky's Zygotic Mynci track. So it's really good in other words.

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