Thursday 20 June 2013

Cattle & Cane - I Will Rise + Q&A

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Ahead of their new EP 'I Will Rise' which is released on June 24th (scroll down to stream the lead-track), North Eastern indie/folk types Cattle & Cane took some time to tell us about what it's like being a family band, how they'd rather be compared to The Kinks than The Nolans and a mysterious incident involving a Henry Hoover...

TSOC: Hello Cattle & Cane! I notice that four of you are from the same family. Is this all happy and cosy like The Nolans or do you ever get in blazing rows like The Kinks or Oasis were known for?

C&C: We get on surprisingly well considering we spend so much time together. There are some blazing rows and it becomes more personal because we are family I guess. We prefer the Oasis/Kinks comparison!

TSOC: Does P (you've only got his initial on the Facebook page!) ever feel left out or has he essentially become a part of the family now?

C&C: P is Paul and he's the drummer, and he's been with us so long, he's almost one of the family!

TSOC: Obviously being a musical brood, does this translate to songwriting? Is there one main songwriter or do you all bring tunes to the table?

C&C: Joe is the main songwriter currently, with Helen penning original material. We all contribute to the music, lyrics and harmonies when we are constructing the songs.

TSOC: Anyone who's followed our site will have noticed that we're featuring new bands from the North East of England on a weekly basis at the moment. Does the area feel any more musically rich currently than in the past, and if so, what would you put that down to?

C&C: That’s a good question! We think there are some great bands in the North East at the moment. Not sure why that is. Maybe bands like Maximo Park and The Futureheads have inspired the next generation of bands.

TSOC: Can you give us a few tips from the area of bands we might not have heard of yet but should be keeping an eye out for?

C&C: Vinyl Jacket and Lilliput are really good bands from the North East.

TSOC: What other better known current bands would you consider to be contemporaries or in the same bracket as yourselves?

C&C: We take influence from a wide range of popular music, from the classic groups such as Fleetwood Mac, The Beatles and Dire Straits, to more current acoustic/folk indie acts like Bon Iver and Midlake.

TSOC: What about your long-term goals? Do you plan to still be making records together in ten years' time and how successful do you hope to be? Or will we have the C&C equivalents of Beady Eye and High Flying Birds?

C&C: We would love to have a long and successful career in the music business. Making and creating music is a wonderful thing, and we hope to continue doing it for as long as people want to listen to us. Ultimately we love music and we can’t see ourselves doing anything else! We want to be successful as possible! If we have Beady Eye and High Flying Birds after having Oasis’s success that will fine thank you!

TSOC: For your next record, imagine you could pick any producer or artist in the world to collaborate with. Who would you choose?

C&C: Nile Rogers because he is a cool and humble dude, Sir George Martin because he is Sir George Martin. Jeff Lynne because he is a super talented monster.

TSOC: You must have plenty of dirt on each other being so close knit. Can you give us one embarrassing story involving a member of the band (or more than one if you like!)?

C&C: What happens within the family stays in the family! Although there was one incident where Joe nearly blinded Vin with a Henry Hoover.

TSOC: Finally, that tricky question: Fantasy festival time. Cattle & Cane are headlining and you can pick five bands past or present to be on the bill. Who do you go for? As there's five of you, pick one each!

Joe – The Beatles
Fran – Led Zeppelin
Helen – Fleetwood Mac
Vin – Nirvana
Paul – Manic Street Preachers

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Catch them live:

Tuesday 25th June LONDON
Village Underground (Supporting Half Moon Run)
Wednesday 26th June BRIGHTON
The Haunt (Supporting Half Moon Run)
Tuesday 2nd July MANCHESTER
Deaf Institute (Supporting Half Moon Run)

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