Thursday 27 June 2013

GHOST EYES - Scarecrows EP

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Considering their name and EP title, GHOST EYES aren't anything like as scary as you may expect. The music they craft is a form of electro-pop which has a subtle gothic undercurrent, but really is as much about mixing big pop hooks with music that stays on the alternative side of things. They're not engineering their songs for the charts or for Nick Grimshaw to play (naturally this is a good thing). 'The Forever Kids' is a seemingly regular track at first, but you soon realise that basically it's a big long chant, so maybe they are trying to conjure up the spirits after all. Their music is too light for that though, despite its slight edginess.

It's not really a sound that they stray from much on 'Scarecrows'. 'Lost In The Woods' sounds like it should be creepy too, but despite some effects on the vocals the haunting aspect is mild. None of this is to discredit the music in any way. There are a quartet of good songs here, but they're rather like Esben & The Witch's less frightening siblings, taking a similar approach but not delving so far into the darkness. "In the night time we dance to the beat of the drum" is the refrain of 'Beat Of The Drum, and with its organ this is perhaps the EP's blackest moment. The bleeps, synthesised birdsong and jittery beats of final track 'All Day Long' make for the most experimental and maybe best song here. If GHOST EYES were a horror movie they'd most likely be given a 15 rating rather than an 18, but it's an enjoyable EP nonetheless.

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